Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer

Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer

“All that any normal body should require is a change – from whatever it has previously been subjected to.”

Joseph H. Pilates


✓ Enjoy all the features of a studio level Reformer in the comfort of your home
✓ In-built Footbar and 4 different resistance level springs unlike other Foldable reformers
✓ Comes with Cardio Rebounder
✓ Bonus exercise DVD and wall chart included
✓ Fold-away Design for Easy Storage
✓ Stable & Responsive Reformer Carriage with 8 Wheel Vertical/Horizontal System
✓ Made from German Beech Wood with Lifetime Warranty
✓ Backed by a 3 year parts warranty on home use / 12 month commercial parts warranty
✓ 30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Amazing home pilates reformer

“The foldable pilates reformer is the perfect at home machine. I find it so easy to use. The price was great and the quality is amazing.” – Nicola | Mar 9, 2017

Endorsed by leading professional Pilates instructors globally, the Reformer is perfect for those who want to develop and hone their Pilates practice. It has all of the features you expect to find on more expensive professional machines at a much more affordable price point in a compact and foldable design.


The Foldable Pro Reformer comes with the adjustable foot bar which enables you to introduce a range of new exercises into your Pilates workout. You can use the foo bar with either the hands or feet while the carriage moves. The foot bar gives you an incredible abdominal, tricep and bicep workout as well as strengthening the lower back.


The foot bar has 4 different adjustment levels which are easily changed by using a simple pull and lock system, making it perfect for both different user heights and various exercises. The Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer features an incredible 8-wheel carriage system for an ultra-smooth and continuous movement ride. The 4 vertical wheels support the carriage while another 4 wheels sit horizontally in order to guide the carriage fluidly along the rail.


The Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer has a 2-position EVA Foam padded headrest for comfort and support -regardless of user’s height and shape. Two of these sit above the carriage and one level with the carriage.


There are 4 included springs, with different tensions for differing degrees of strength: 2 x light and 2 x medium. The carriage has 2 stop adjustments at the end of the Reformer for a smooth glide. Rope lengths are fully adjustable and attach to a double-loop dual use hand and foot strap, manoeuvred through a pulley system so you can quickly and easily adjust your positioning for different exercises.


The Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer can be easily folded up in a matter of minutes into a compact size to be easily stored safely out of the way when you are not using the reformer. Total size when folded: Length 114cm, Width 65cm x Height: 28cm


The Foldable Pro Pilates Reformer by Byron Bay Pilates Co. is made from A-grade German Beech Wood and is backed by a lifetime warranty. Extremely durable and sturdy, German Beech Wood also has a beautiful smooth finish, made even more sleek by the delicate hand staining and sanding process.
The springs are made from Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel, making them rust-proof and incredibly strong. All other parts are made from anodized aluminum – an oxidation and “black-dust” free treatment method.


The Byron Bay Pilates Co. Foldable Pro Reformer comes with a Cardio Rebounder. Benefit from adding cardio to your reformer workout by incorporating the rebounder as an excellent, low-impact and non-weight bearing method to increase your heart rate and burn fat.


You will also receive a bonus exercise DVD and wall chart to show you a range of exercises that can be performed on the Reformer.

Model Number BBPC03X
UPC 9341061007562
Included Accessories  Foot Bar, Cardio Rebounder, 2 x double-loop strap handles,
Warranty Lifetime Wood & 3 Years Parts | 1 Year Commercial
Product Weight 38 kg
Shipping Weight 45 kg
Product Dimensions L 226cm x W 65cm x H 25.5cm
Shipping Dimensions L 138cm x W 63cm x H 36cm
Materials German Beech Wood, 4 Nickel-Plated Carbon Steel Springs (2 x medium, 2 x light), Anodized Aluminium Parts, EVA Foam

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